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Sin Asylum App. - Mahisha by gaytiers Sin Asylum App. - Mahisha by gaytiers
App. for :iconthe-sin-asylum:

Name: Mahisha
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Sin Diagnosis: Wrath
Disease and/or Wounds: Schizophrenia

Personality: He's rude, arrogant, constantly angry, homicidal - what more would you get from a representation of wrath?

Bio/History: I swear to God I am absolutely not crazy! Yes, I've done horrible things, I know I have - but I'm not crazy... at least I don't think I am... goddamnit. Why the hell would you want to know about my life anyway? Fuck it, whatever gets your rocks off. I don't even understand why it would even remotely be of interest - I was a normal kid, of course. I went to school, had some friends - sure, I was teased, but who isn't? Of course it made me angry, of course I plotted out most of their deaths when it came to my daily routine - but I didn't mean to kill them. Or maybe I did? I wanted to, that's for sure. And it definitely felt great, hearing their deafening cries, their blood weaving throughout my skin, the thrills, chills - I loved every single second of it! But that is definitely not an insane thing to enjoy, killing is completely natural! It's those people who are crazy, the ones who think you shouldn't be able to bring harm to those who torment you. Fuck, where was I? Oh yeah, killing those assholes. But that was all after I got out of highschool - something overtook me, I just wanted my revenge, so I hunted each of them down and slaughtered them. I didn't care if they had kids, were married, were going through rough times, it's all an excuse to fucking guilt trip! I wasn't caught for a long time, but when I was I was immediately put into a death sentence. I tried to escape my cell multiple times but I was always fucking dragged back in. While I was there, I massacred each of my bunk mates until those fucking morons realized that I wanted to be alone. Sharing rooms with those dickweeds was completely unbearable. My sentence was set later on - actually a day before my birthday, when I was meant to turn 23 but they decided to kick me in the teeth. I was actually expecting myself not to come back, I actually hoped I didn't see any kind of afterlife. But I found myself on in a room, on a bloody bed, the smell of rust and iron filling my lungs. Shit, if I were actually in the real world, I probably would have thrown up, but nope. That was when I found out I was in - pretty much - Hell
DR4G0NFRU17-K177Y Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
;; wow this is awesome
decorasharks Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ahhhh I love him so much! His bio is great! <33
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December 24, 2012
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